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void ClientSocket::slotSendMessage (  )  [private, slot]

send out messages (popupwindows) to one user

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Definition at line 518 of file clientsocket.cpp.

References machine::machine_name, and sendToServer().

Referenced by slotPopupMenu().

      bool ok;
      // if object is dead
      if (!Q3ListViewItemList.contains(currentPopupMenuItem)) return;

      machine* Item=dynamic_cast<machine *>(currentPopupMenuItem);
      if (!Item) return;

      QString message = QInputDialog::getText(
            "QtSmbstatus", tr("Message to send to %1:").arg(Item->machine_name), QLineEdit::Normal,
            QString::null, &ok, 0 );
      if ( ok && !message.isEmpty() )
            // user entered something and pressed OK
            if (!ssl_connected) return;

            // if object is dead
            if (!Q3ListViewItemList.contains(currentPopupMenuItem)) return;


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